Babydoll's Mother
Babydoll's Mother
Sucker Punch
Age 30s
Birthplace Unknown; presumed Brattleboro, Vermont
Hair Color Black
Eyes Unknown
Species Human
Title Mother
Relatives Babydoll - Daughter
Babydoll's Sister - Daughter
Stepfather - Husband
Status Deceased
Actor Kelora Clingwall

Babydoll's mother dies during the pre-title sequence of Sucker Punch. Her cause of death is never revealed, but it is strongly implied that Babydoll's Stepfather may have engineered his wife's demise (possibly with the aid of the Grim Doctor) as a way to inherit her property.

Babydoll and her Little Sister are devastated by the loss of their mother, but their Stepfather seems almost gleeful. Until he reads her Last Will & Testament, that is.


After the death of Babydoll's mother, Babydoll's stepfather discovers from their mother's will that his wife left everything to her two daughters. Apparently enraged that he worked so hard to marry the woman (and perhaps engineering her death?) only to be left nothing, he gets a bottle of Paradise rum and drinks. And drinks some more.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Babydoll's mother has has long nose. Her mother also has dark hair, like her youngest daughter.



Babydoll must have loved her mother dearly, because once the death of the mother is appearent, Babydoll collapes in a gulf of tears.

Babydoll's SisterEdit

The youngest daughter must have loved the mother dearly, also. She along with Babydoll is very heartbroken once her death is realized.

Grim DoctorEdit

Not much is known about this relationship, except that Grim Doctor was the one who said the mother was dead. It is possible that the doctor was probably the mom's doctor and or helped the stepfather kill his wife. 


They were husband and wife and he excepected to have some part of the wife's money... But when he didn't he blew up in a rage, became drunk, and attacked his stepdaughters.

Actor PortrayalEdit

Babydoll's mother isplayed by Kelora Clingwall.

Photo GalleryEdit


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