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  • !!iiEMMAii!!


    January 4, 2015 by !!iiEMMAii!!

    Hello I am new to this wiki and I just created my account! I hope to be a big help because I love Sucker Punch and know lots about it! I have looked around on this wiki for a while and I think that it is very cool that lots of people are editing and sharing ideas! I have lots of ideas to share and I hope I can start helping soon! I am going to learn how to correctly edit and I will try to help in any way I can.


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  • Doctor Rocket

    Back at Long Last!

    January 17, 2014 by Doctor Rocket

    Hey, gang, sorry I've been away so long, but it couldn't be helped. A lot of real-life stuff has been going on, and it has taken a lot of my attention and time to handle. I haven't forgotten about our little wiki — not by a longshot.

    Hopefully, I can get back to being a lot more active here! I've really missed treading the dangerous ground of Babydoll's mind!

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  • Ben Valentine (Justis Kills)

    First of all I gotta say that I love this film. It's one of my favorites, definitely in the top 10.

    I think that this film is one of the smartest that I've ever seen. It's even smarter than Inception. I didn't like Inception because Leonardo's character (I forgot his name) kept explaining everything. There was no room for your own opinion. Where Inception failed, other films like Donnie Darko, Triangle and Sucker Punch came in and they are far better than Inception (but this is only MY opinion).

    One thing I really hate is when guys keep fawning over the girls. I really hope that's not the only reason why they like the film.

    Anyways, this film is very psychological and these aspects aren't very hard to notice. I gotta lot to say so I'll start …

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  • Kaidus

    Out of Topics

    August 4, 2013 by Kaidus

    I haven't been around lately because I've pretty much run out of things to talk about on here but rest assured, I'm still visiting now and then to see if everything's in ship-shape; I'll also contribute to anything that's needed if I have anything that's worthwhile for this site.

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  • PrincessDarling

    The anwser...yes/no.

    Babydoll didn't mean to kill her sister.They shouldn't just lock her up.If she killed the "step-father" *coughsthedevilcoughs* then I would be alright with that,He should have died.She didn't really do anything wrong.

    Then lobomorty eh I cant spell (I dought thats right) but who cares,That should have never happened!

    At all NEVER.

    What do you think?

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  • Kaidus

    Outer-material comparison

    April 26, 2013 by Kaidus

    I have reason to believe that robots in the movie bear a resemblence to certain other robots I know of.  Those robots I refer to are protoforms in the transformers genre.  Here are two photos for comparison (one each) so YOU can make your opinion known to me.  Please bear in mind a few minor differences you see in one that aren't present in the other.  I'll answer why if you wish to chat so just leave a message on my message page please and thank you.

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  • Ben Valentine (Justis Kills)

    Between the four fantasy sequences, which is your favorite???  I actually have two favorites, it's between the World War 1 scene & The Castle scene.

    What's yours????

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  • Doctor Rocket

    Chat Moderator

    January 3, 2013 by Doctor Rocket

    Well, somehow I've been made a chat moderator for this wiki. I don't know how it happened, and it's not something I requested, but hey, why not? If anyone wants to chat, let's get to it. I know I'd like to share some ideas and talk about ideas that other folks have brought up.

    So... let's chat away! 

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  • Doctor Rocket

    Landing Page?

    December 4, 2012 by Doctor Rocket

    I was wondering what folks might think of creating a new Home page for this wiki, one that is a little more intutive and welcoming. I have looked at the landing pages of several other wikis and find them to make a friendlier first impression. I think we can make the landing page more of a "Welcome! Here's what we have" page. I admit that I was a little put off by the front page with the character names posted on the legs of the characters; if I didn't know those were promotional posters, I might be confused about the emphasis on legs. LOL

    And, again, I think a more welcoming color scheme will help, too. I'd like to see the black background go away. Perhaps we should take a cue from the movie marketing itself and use some green...

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  • Wordsandmusic

    Just making this blog post to bring up a couple of ideas that I came up with while browsing through the wiki.

    The first is regarding the current link color. Because the current link color is black and links are not bolded, links are not easily visible. I realized this when I was on the main movie article and was about to add some links that I thought were missing, only to discover that the links are in fact there. I would propose a pink color that matches with the theme of the wiki to replace the current black. 

    My other idea is regarding the main page for the film. In my opinion, this is too hard to find for first-time visitors of the wiki. I consider this a problem because the whole wiki is about the movie. For first-time visitors, the mai…

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  • Doctor Rocket

    How Many Pages?

    November 20, 2012 by Doctor Rocket

    How many pages does this wiki truly have? I've seen the page number vacilate between 67 and 68 all week, and previously it varied from 65-66. I can understand if it takes time to record changes, but why does it go back and forth? Doesn't make sense...

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  • Doctor Rocket

    Greetings, fellow Sucker Punch fans,

    I have been a member of this Wiki for just about a week now, and all of this is new to me. I have read/used Wikis before, but I have never participated. So I did some reading about how to do stuff, and then went ahead and dove in. I fiddled with some small stuff, doing what I could to build some confidence, and finally I started adding new pages. I know I've probably taken a few steps, but I'm trying. Don't be afraid to contact me to discuss something that I've written. I'm not a bad person, I don't bite, and I do have a reason for posting the stuff that I do. (It may not be the right reason, but there's a reason nonetheless...)

    And now I'm feeling brave enough to introduce myself and meet my fellow SP Wikians. Le…

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  • Kaidus

    Alternate Take Fanon

    September 27, 2012 by Kaidus

    LovelyChrys inspired me to make a fanfiction from the movie but I'll be doing an alternate take. The criteria she set on her fanon blog will be the same here but I'll be looking for a few other parts. Here's an example using a character I made based on myself:

    Name: Tyrone (nickname Tyrane [given ferocity{Ty for short}])

    Age: 24

    Occupation: @ Institution, 2nd lead orderly; @ brothel, Blue's successor; in dream, strictly melee combatant

    Weapons: dual ninjatos & dual dual-edged bowie knives (single blade but sharp on both sides resembling short-swords); the latter blades have brass knuckles forged into them.

    Back story: Tyrone's father died in Vegas and his mother abandoned him when he was just born. Until he got to the brothel, he never opened u…

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  • Kaidus

    The High Roller

    August 19, 2012 by Kaidus

    Something about the high roller completely Uurks me: he may seem to be a caring individual but something about him screams "Deception." Granted as the doctor, he doesn't like what he does but when he's in the dream, there's something else about him that doesn't seem right. What do you think?

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  • LovelyChrys

    I need someone to make a Wordmark for me! I reeaallllyyy need it. If you can make it, contact me and I'll tell you what a want.


    P.S.: Who knows, you might become an admin off of this.... ;)

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  • CaitlintheKittyCat

    This is probably a really stupid post, but I'm really curious. I know the film was set in 1955, but when was it revealed? It doesn't say at all in the film,mso how did everyone find out? I'm just really curious.

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  • Kaidus

    If you found yourself in Babydoll's situation, how would you handle it? I myself would most likely attack the orderlies involved in the cover-up including Blue while also protecting the ladies from the men who take advantage of them in their current state.

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  • Kaidus


    May 17, 2012 by Kaidus

    Is it possible that Babydoll's stepfather might've murdered his wife (Baby Doll's mother)? When the doctor leaves, he smirks which might give the possibility that he murdered her. Of course when he read her will, that was what sent him over the deep end. What do you think?

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  • Kaidus

    Did Baby Doll have a part in the big dance scene in the extended scene for "Love is the Drug?" Sweet Pea portrayed Joan of Arc being "burned at the stake", Blondie was the lead belly dancer, Rocket was the lead naughty nurse during the hospital part and Amber was the french maid in the hotel part of the scene. I can't put my finger on it but I don't think she did; does anybody have an answer?

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  • LovelyChrys

    So hey you guys! Im making a fanfic and I wanted to know, who wants to join! It is a Sucker Punch fanfic! So you guys sign up and I will posting the story here on the wikia/

    Post this in the comments or on my talk page:






    DOB: If you want

    Back Story:


    Physical Description:

    So get back to me!

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  • Kaidus

    Does anybody know what kind of relationship Madam Gorski had with the girls? I've watched it 3 times but I think she might see them as her unofficial daughters. It can be best seen when Vera finds Blondie outside her office crying due to being unable to keep a lid on Baby doll's escape plan. That same side is seen again when Blue shoots & kills her and Amber in front of Vera. What do you think?

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    Me MyselfAnd I

    March 30, 2012 by FLAWLESSNAT

    ok so im thinking if i shoukd make a story about if i was in sucker punch well if i did this would be my outfit and i would also have a bow n arrow with a bazooka and a chain on my waste so i can whip people

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  • LovelyChrys


    March 26, 2012 by LovelyChrys

    I love Sucker Punch, There is a site for Sucker Punch fanfic. Read them!

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  • Teen-witch

    i love wolves, suckerpunch, manga and animals. i have a samurai umbrella like babydoll:D

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  • SOW


    September 4, 2011 by SOW

    Take control of your own mind to shape your tale....find freedom in a world which is not so willing to give it to you....

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  • Ciria

    Many critics gave this movie bad reviews - but I loved it! It was badass and edgy and I loved the action scenes. Babydoll is my favorite followed by Rocket.

    I really hope they make a video game though I heard rumors that they wont because it's set up like on or something thats similar to that.

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  • Grrman49505

    GRRMAN 49505

    March 31, 2011 by Grrman49505

    How is the best way to earn points ?

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  • Zrodeath

    IMAX first

    March 29, 2011 by Zrodeath

    Saw this movie in IMAX ,now not my first IMAX movie and certainaly not the last. While watching this movie all I could think was "When is it going to end". The movie had me bored even with the action scenes. And as for what it was first for is simple. First IMAX movie I saw where not a single person clapped or cheered at the end of the movie. First line I heard was "This movie killed my money" which is true . All in all this movie was trash in my opinion.

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  • Grrman49505


    March 28, 2011 by Grrman49505

    HI.....I did go see Sucker Punch ,and I will see it at least one more time ;maybe twice more :).....Baby Doll is my fantasy of a blond ninja who kicks butt.....Her side kicks are hot chicks with high powered guns.....What a combo package :)......Should I win this contest ? Yes..... I am a big fan of this movie.....Ninja : Quiet action (nin) ; one who endures (ja) discribes Baby Doll to a tee....... This movie rocks :)

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  • Chelseasmiles22

    Contest Entry

    March 27, 2011 by Chelseasmiles22

    I think I should win the prize pack because I felt empowered leaving the theater after seeing this movie. Definitely one of the best action movies I've seen in a long time! The music was awesome, the acting was great and just the overall feel of the movie was perfect. I would love to have some memorabilia from this incredible movie.

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  • Emncip8mimi

    I think I should win b/c I'm telling all of my friends to go see this movie because it is KICK ASS!!!!  ;)

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  • Kate.moon

    Check out the gorgeous photos from the Los Angeles premiere of SuckerPunch! The lovely ladies who make up the cast sure went from dark and edgy to glamm for their big night.

    Do you have a favorite character and look from the bunch?

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  • AmiWhiteWolf
    First off if you loved Watchmen and is a fan then you should go watch SuckerPunch, no doubt about it. The main character is a hot chick played by Emily Browning. A fancy world with full of action and nothing but hot heroins have skills of kicking ass. Browning plays Baby doll who resembles Alice from Alice in Wonderland but its the darker side of that (the awesome side). Very soon you want to see SuckerPunch and that you will not regret every minute of it. Comes out March 25, 2011 in theaters everywhere. Read more >
  • Daphni Snow

    need a kick ass movie break:

    My husband never takes any breaks since he is a hard working accountant and this is his busy time of the year.

    if we in this prize I would surprise him with then we both could take a small break hopefully during Easter. SUCKER PUNCH is his type of movie and mine. I am hoping we win and get a kick ass break.

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  • Beautygoddessss

    this movie will be amazing all the graphics and stuff.i love the action in all of them you see babydoll,amber,rocket,sweet pea,and blondie.this will be some kick ass movie i was so excited when tis movie was coming out i imagend what if i was one of them and i can fight hardcore.when i saw the preview i fell in love i akso when to the convention to get thier figures this is a movie i would love to see.i hope i see this friday because im in love with SUCKER PUNCH!!!! my favorite character in all is babydoll and amber.babydoll because she is a blonde person and still can kick some ass and amber beacuse she i chinese right and you excpect for to maybe do some karates well this is why i think i should win

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    Sucker Punch Contest

    March 23, 2011 by INS1GNIA

    You could write and write and write till your hands bleed and it would not be enough to describe how EPIC this movie is going to be. Do I want to win?....Of course, but so does everyone else who is posting. We all want to see this action packed, pulse pumping, living on the edge movie. It would be nice to win and be chosen for any reason, to be able to jump around while flailing my arms as an attempt to dance while I'm happy. Your mind can set you free and I think this movie will help show us how! Good luck everyone.


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  • GriffinGallery

    Have you ever thought "If only I could change my life and live through a video game?" Why haven't you? Have you watched the trailers for Sucker Punch? Do you really know what this story is about ... Modern Day Fight For Freedom! Escape From Reality! A Chance to Win Ultimate Freedom!

    My wife and I have endured almost three years of challenges and heartaches! From my misfortune of getting a mutated strand of the Zypher virus and living with neuralgia ever since, to my wife surviving cancer!! Caring for my father whom had a Grand mal Seizure while driving my truck and getting us both in an accident; to having my brother-in-law move in because he too ironically had a Grand Mal Seizure in my truck while visiting! Sound like something you would see…

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  • Silverwolf2791

    4 MY GIRL

    March 22, 2011 by Silverwolf2791

    Me and my girl really wanna see this movie we talk about it all the time and we can't wait to see it I really wanna win for her cause she will defintly go crazy if she gets the gear to go with the movie!!!!!! ;p

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  • Tnerb

    SuckerPunch Contest

    March 21, 2011 by Tnerb

    I think I should win the SuckerPunch contest because this looks like the sickest movie in a long long time and I would be proud to use, wear, or display any SuckerPunch gear. I love the name, I love the concept, I love the art, I love the attitude of this movie. As a professional illustrator, I can totally appreciate the anime roots of this flick (Though not an anime geek, myself). I can't wait to see it in the theater. SuckerPunch Me!!

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  • Carolbyfield120363


    March 16, 2011 by Carolbyfield120363

    I love suckerpunch it has everything a movie needs bomb, robot, dragons, snakes, war, a good plot and five beautiful lady. What more could you ask for in a 2011 movie. It has the potential to surpass it predessor 300 and watchmen. I alonely hope those 5 gorgeous girl make it out in one piece, but that obviously not lively to happen. I mean when have you ever seen a band of teenager make it out of a warzone or cave or haunted house or forest area unscathed.I don't care if I win this movie is going to be off the chain.Carolbyfield120363 17:26, March 16, 2011 (UTC)N Gray

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  • Kate.moon

    By the director (Zack Snyder) of visually stimulating movies like "The Watchmen," Sucker Punch is a movie that blurs lines between reality and imagination, all with an ensemble female cast. Snyder has described this movie as "Alice in Wonderland...with machine guns" which promises to wow us with amazing cinematography, trippy ideas, and basically, a movie with no limits.

    Check out the awesome trailer and movie stills from below, are you excited for the movie?

    The film follows a young girl in the 1950s about to be lobotomized as she attempts to escape an asylum with her inmate friends.

    According to Warner Brothers: Close your eyes. Open your mind. You will be unprepared.

    “Sucker Punch” is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagin…

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  • Babyjabba

    In theaters March 25

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  • Vgfsirius

    What's the point? Vgfsirius 18:32, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

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