Dr. Vera Gorski
Sucker Punch
Age 30s
Birthplace Unknown
Hair Color Red
Eyes Blue
Species Human
Title Psychiatrist
Relatives Unknown
Status Alive
Actor Carla Gugino

Dr. Vera Gorski is the staff psychiatrist at Lennox House for the Mentally Insane. In a particular quirk of her treatment, she believes in encouraging the girls to literally act out their issues through stage plays.

Movie StoryEdit

When Babydoll first arrives at Lennox House, Dr. Gorski is trying to help Sweet Pea with her stage performance. Later, Dr. Gorski tries to counsel Babydoll, who is seen in her office, crying while the psychiatrist looks on, clearly concerned.

Later, after the Doctor has lobotomized Babydoll, Dr. Gorski explains that she couldn't reach the troubled girl, who in one week set a fire, stabbed an orderly and helped another patient escape. When the Doctor asked why she ordered the lobotomy, she insisted she didn't -- and discovered that her signature had been forged on the order. Dr. Gorski called the police when she realized Blue Jones was the one forging her signature on hospital paperwork. Together with the police, she is able to stop Blue from raping the lobotomized Babydoll.


Unlike Madam Gorski, Dr. Gorski does not dress in a deliberately provocative manner -- although she does seem to prefer plunging necklines on her otherwise sedate, professional-looking outfits.

Actor PortrayalEdit

Dr. Vera Gorski is played by Carla Gugino.

Character CreationEdit

Carla Gugino said: "We knew we wanted her to be Eastern European in some way, and I was exploring different things and found this Polish voice that felt right for her. Zack [Snyder, the director] really loved the idea."[1]

Photo GalleryEdit



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