The outfits of Sucker Punch

The outfits worn by the girls.

The fashion of Sucker Punch is a huge part of the movie and helps give perspective to the characters.


Babydoll's Lennox House outfitsEdit

Mostly, Babydoll's outfits, like the rest of all the Lennox girls, contain corsets. Her main theme is maritime. Though she can be seen without a headband from time to time, her platinum-blonde hair is always tied into low, unbraided pigtails.

Babydoll's fantasy outfitEdit

Babydoll's fantasy costume consists of a sailors top, though overall looks like a Japanese school girl outfit (sailor fuku). Babydoll's costume features a midriff-bearing top with nautical collar and flap, and a miniskirt with a large slit. It comes in 3 forms: one in navy blue, one in a dull-gray color and the last one with white and blue sparkles.

Sweet PeaEdit

Sweet Pea's Lennox House outfitsEdit

In Reality at Lennox House, Sweet Pea wears the standard gray, sailor-theme uniform.

In the Brothel reality, Sweet Pea is seen about the club in several dance outfits, including a leopard-spot pattern and a black two-piece.

Sweet Pea's fantasy outfitEdit

When Sweet Pea goes on missions, she wears a leather outfit with thigh-high boots, gloves and a hooded cape.

Sweet Pea's bus station dressEdit

After escaping from the asylum, Sweet Pea steals a dress so she can blend in with the public at the bus station.