The man known only as the Grim Doctor is glimpsed briefly in Sucker Punch, having tended to Babydoll's Mother.

Movie StoryEdit

In the pre-title sequence, the Grim Doctor declares Babydoll's Mother dead. He exchanges what appears to be a knowing glance with Babydoll's Stepfather, but the Grim Doctor's expression never changes, and the distraught Babydoll rushes past him. 

Actor PortrayalEdit

The Grim Doctor is played by John R. Taylor.


Could the Stepfather have colluded with the Grim Doctor to cause the death of Babydoll's mother -- or at least, not done everything he could have done to save her life? 


  • The Grim Doctor has no dialogue.
  • The character is never named onscreen; he is only identified in the end credits.
  • Actor John R. Taylor also played a tiny role in director Zack Snyder's Watchmen (2009).

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