In the real world, the Lighter Orderly is a member of the staff at Lennox House for the Mentally Insane. In the brothel reality he appears as the Mayor.

Movie StoryEdit

When Babydoll is first brought to Lennox House, she encounters an orderly fidgeting with a lighter engraved with a red dragon. He signals for a locked gate to be opened by tapping on the office glass, allowing Babydoll to be escorted by Blue Jones and her Stepfather into Blue's office.

Later in the film, after Babydoll has been lobotomized in the real world, the Lighter Orderly reappears, fulfilling the same role, allowing CJ and the Third Orderly to take Baby to a waiting Blue. When Dr. Gorski tells the Doctor that Babydoll set a fire, it is implied that Babydoll used the orderly's lighter to do it. When he is seen, he appears to be just about to put a piece of gum in his mouth (suggesting he had given up smoking), but this is unclear. He was possibly fidgeting with a book of matches, which he used instead of a lighter. When he again tapped on the glass to order the door opened, he knocked his hand instead of his lighter.


Nothing is known about the Lighter Orderly's background, however, judging by his preoccupation with his lighter and the sign denoting that Lennox House is a no smoking facility, he is probably a smoker struggling to get through the workday without lighting up.


As an orderly, he wears the standard white uniform, although his appears to be cleaner than several of the other orderlies.


  • When the Lighter Orderly is first seen, he is standing next to a sign reading "In Case of Fire, All Doors Will Open," foreshadows his role in the quest for fire as part of Babydoll's escape plan, as well as the reason why the girls set the fire as part their plan.

Actor PortrayalEdit

The Lighter Orderly is portrayed by AC Peterson.

Photo GalleryEdit

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