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Age 20s
Birthplace Unknown
Hair Color Reddish-Blonde
Eyes Blue-Green
Species Human
Title Dancer
Relatives Sweet Pea
Status Deceased
Actor Jena Malone
Rocket is Sweet Pea's younger sister that ran away from home because she kept arguing with her parents, and Sweet Pea decided to follow in order to protect Rocket.

When Babydoll first entered Lennox House, Rocket was charged with showing her around. Becoming Babydoll's first friend, Rocket plays a major role in the film, eagerly helping with Babydoll's plan to escape by accompanying her on all of her missions.

Later, in the brothel reality, Rocket gets stabbed in the stomach while shielding Sweet Pea from an enraged Cook, who saw the girls' plot to steal one of his knives. In Babydoll's imagination, Rocket gets stuck in a Train with an armed bomb, and is killed when it explodes and destroys a City on a distant planet. She is the first of the group to die.


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The rebellious Rocket has a heart that is wide open despite being bruised. On the battlefield she is the most eager combntant, charging into battle with a gleam in her eye and a smile on her lips. In fact, her overzealousness in the WWI scenario almost got her killed. Rocket is also the most emotional and empathetic of the girls, quickly taking newcomer Babydoll under her wing.

Physical appearance

Rocket's hair is cropped short and is spiky in an homage to anime heroines. Her hair is reddish-blonde, and her figure is slender and athletic. Rocket may look cute and weak, but she can definitely take a punch, and give as good as she gets!


Rocket's only known family are her sister and their mother (who is mentioned but never seen).

Sweet Pea

Rocket and Sweet Pea ended up in the asylum because Sweet Pea followed Rocket after she ran away from home. Sweet Pea is fiercely protective of her sister. The sibling relationship between Sweet Pea and Rocket is the most well-defined in the film.


Even though Rocket and Amber barely speak to one another onscreen, they are clearly friends, so it can be assumed they value each other.


As the "tough girl" in the crew, Blondie does not show obvious affection for Rocket and even contradicts Rocket a number of times, such as her opinion of Babydoll.


Rocket's best friend in the mental home, Rocket welcomes Babydoll with open arms, taking immediate pity on her and giving her a few pointers for getting by in the asylum. The prime exampleof her empathy  is when she finds Babydoll alone one night, crying on the bathroom floor. ("sleep" is playing in the background.) Rocket comforts her, and they speak briefly about regrets and wishing they could take things back, but neither shares any details..


Rocket's outfit

Rocket's outfit.

Rocket's outfit fits into a sci-fi/nurse motif. In the brothel reality, Rocket's everyday costume features a grey dress, tan cutoff sweater and fishnet stockings. She is often seen wearing an apron, since she works in the kitchen. Her battle togs include a tight leather corset with fishnet stockings and garters, plenty of straps and mesh sleeves, along with a choker and a nurse's hat.

Fighting Style

Rocket is trained in hand-to-hand combat in Baby's dream world but is easily overpowered by the Cook in reality. Rocket is an eager soldier, utterly fearless in battle (she can be seen smiling in anticipation of a fight -- and during battle!), and an expert with knives, guns and explosives.

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Zack Snyder - Sucker Punch - Meet Rocket Featurette (Jena Malone)

Zack Snyder - Sucker Punch - Meet Rocket Featurette (Jena Malone)

Meet Rocket

Film portrayal

Rocket is played by Jena Malone.