A pair of Vermont State Troopers stop Sweet Pea and briefly question her at the end of Sucker Punch. The Vermont State Police are not to be confused with the local Brattleboro Police, who appear elsewhere in the movie.

Movie StoryEdit

After Sweet Pea has made her escape from Lennox House for the Mentally Insane, thanks to Babydoll's plan, she steals a dress and makes her way to the bus station in nearby Brattleboro. While she is waiting to board a bus, two state troopers approach her and begin to question her. However, a man who looks suspiciously similar to the Wise Man is driving the bus, and he fibs that Sweet Pea has been riding with him since Hartford, giving her a solid alibi for whatever the troopers were interested in (resumably a dangerous escaped female mental patient), so the troopers leave. 

Actor PortrayalsEdit

State Trooper #1 is played by Michael Adamthwaite (above right)

State Trooper #2 is played by Phillip Mitchell (above left)

Photo GalleryEdit

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