This article focuses on Stepfather's Brothel Reality persona. For his real world counterpart, see Stepfather.
Sucker Punch
Age 30s - 40s
Birthplace Unknown
Hair Color Bald
Eyes Green
Species Human
Title Priest
Relatives Babydoll - Real world
Status Alive
Actor Gerard Plunkett

In the brothel reality, Babydoll imagines her Stepfather is a priest who brings her to the brothel and conspires with Blue to sell her virginity to the High Roller. As he says "goodbye" to her, sounding like he'll miss her, she spits in his face.

Movie StoryEdit

The Priest sells the orphaned Babydoll to Blue to work at the brothel.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Priest is overweight and is bald, and in his late 40s. His normal attire is his priest outfit.


The Priest may seem sweet and caring, but he has a hair-trigger temper, as seen when Babydoll spits and his face.



"I hope you rot in here!"
―Priest's last words to Babydoll.

The Priest sells Babydoll to Blue Jones like a farm animal.

Blue JonesEdit

The Priest and Blue were co-conspirators in the brothel, with Blue running the operation and the Priest apparently supplying the working girls from his orphanage.

Actor PortrayalEdit

Gerard Plunkett portrays the Priest.

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