Ben Valentine (Justis Kills)

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  • Ben Valentine (Justis Kills)

    First of all I gotta say that I love this film. It's one of my favorites, definitely in the top 10.

    I think that this film is one of the smartest that I've ever seen. It's even smarter than Inception. I didn't like Inception because Leonardo's character (I forgot his name) kept explaining everything. There was no room for your own opinion. Where Inception failed, other films like Donnie Darko, Triangle and Sucker Punch came in and they are far better than Inception (but this is only MY opinion).

    One thing I really hate is when guys keep fawning over the girls. I really hope that's not the only reason why they like the film.

    Anyways, this film is very psychological and these aspects aren't very hard to notice. I gotta lot to say so I'll start …

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  • Ben Valentine (Justis Kills)

    Between the four fantasy sequences, which is your favorite???  I actually have two favorites, it's between the World War 1 scene & The Castle scene.

    What's yours????

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