First of all I gotta say that I love this film. It's one of my favorites, definitely in the top 10.

I think that this film is one of the smartest that I've ever seen. It's even smarter than Inception. I didn't like Inception because Leonardo's character (I forgot his name) kept explaining everything. There was no room for your own opinion. Where Inception failed, other films like Donnie Darko, Triangle and Sucker Punch came in and they are far better than Inception (but this is only MY opinion).

One thing I really hate is when guys keep fawning over the girls. I really hope that's not the only reason why they like the film.

Anyways, this film is very psychological and these aspects aren't very hard to notice. I gotta lot to say so I'll start now.

1.) The Brothel Fantasy.

I know what you're asking, which girl in their right mind would deliberately imagine themselves in a brothel ? (I'm not saying there's anything wrong with prostitutes) You might say that the writer or the director did that to exploit the characters but...there is a logical explanation to that. Babydoll was sent to an asylum, filled with pills and crazy people; so for the entire time she was there, she imagined herself in a brothel; filled with music, sexy outfits and glitter. She knows that she has to escape, in five days, she's gonna get lobotomized; so she had to imagine herself in a situation in which the atmosphere is lovely, but something would happen in five days, in this case it's losing her virginity.

2.) The Dances

Dr. Gorski uses the theatre so they can 'act out' what they feel. Dr. Gorski uses the music as a type of therapy. It's more than likely that she did actually dance. Sweet Pea said "All that gyrating and moaning...a dance should be more than just titilation." This is saying that she dances really provocatively. In reality, in any asylum, there are always male and female workers (I think). She couldn't have been dancing provocatively because it would only attract the male orderlies. So she danced crazily, to confuse the male AND female workers.

3.) The Temple Sequence

It was snowing, snow is cold, the word 'cold' is also used in phrases like 'cold-hearted' which means lacking affection or warmth; unfeeling. This emotion she felt towards her Stepfather or Blue. If you notice, the temple's architecture mimics the asylum.

4.) The Wise Man

He is the father figure that she never had. He guides her, helps her, provide for her.

5.) The Castle

They needed something to start a fire with. In that sequence you see a fire-breathing dragon. The castle's archtecture is similar to the asylum.

6.) Character Reincarnations

Blue became a mobster who owns and operates the brothel. He also became the Courier. Blue has the map in reality - the courier has the map.

Dr. Vera became Madam Gorksi.

Gina Garenkooper's character, Bitter Clipboard Nurse is seen in the Love is the Drug dance sequence.

Bitter Clipboard Nurse

The Stepfather became the Priest, it think this is because she can't stand the fact they are related. He also became the Colonel and The Orc General as well.

The Reception Nurse became the Designer. The Reception Nurse gives Babydoll her Lennox House inmate clothing - the designer makes clothes.
Reception nurse - designer

The Doctor who will lobotomize her became the High Roller who will take her virginity.

I actually have a lot more to say but I don't wanna bore I'll end it here.

In conclusion, Sucker Punch is a great film. Not only is the action and special effects are cool, but there is a deeper side to the film.

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