Greetings, fellow Sucker Punch fans,

I have been a member of this Wiki for just about a week now, and all of this is new to me. I have read/used Wikis before, but I have never participated. So I did some reading about how to do stuff, and then went ahead and dove in. I fiddled with some small stuff, doing what I could to build some confidence, and finally I started adding new pages. I know I've probably taken a few steps, but I'm trying. Don't be afraid to contact me to discuss something that I've written. I'm not a bad person, I don't bite, and I do have a reason for posting the stuff that I do. (It may not be the right reason, but there's a reason nonetheless...)

And now I'm feeling brave enough to introduce myself and meet my fellow SP Wikians. Let me know if you have any ideas about anything. Admins, get in touch if I've done something wrong or to pat me on the head for doing something right. This has been fun so far, and I'm interested in continuing to contribute.

To that end, I'd like to toss out a couple of ideas about the look of the wiki, just as suggestions. I'm not looking to take over or step on anyone's toes, I'm being the brash rookie and speaking out beause I don't know any better. I'm not criticizing anyone's work (I don't even know who did any of this!), I just want to note a few things about the appearance of this wiki.

I think the look is a bit too dark and run-down. In some ways it feels like Lennox House -- but I'm not suggesting we reimagine it as a brothel, either. I just this the black background with the pale pink highlights makes me feel a bit drab. What about spicing it up with some greens, like the SP posters? Some bright, complementary colors would spruce the place up a bit. What does anyone think?

Again, if I'm speaking out of turn, I apologize, I'm just trying to participate.


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