Have you ever thought "If only I could change my life and live through a video game?" Why haven't you? Have you watched the trailers for Sucker Punch? Do you really know what this story is about ... Modern Day Fight For Freedom! Escape From Reality! A Chance to Win Ultimate Freedom!

My wife and I have endured almost three years of challenges and heartaches! From my misfortune of getting a mutated strand of the Zypher virus and living with neuralgia ever since, to my wife surviving cancer!! Caring for my father whom had a Grand mal Seizure while driving my truck and getting us both in an accident; to having my brother-in-law move in because he too ironically had a Grand Mal Seizure in my truck while visiting! Sound like something you would see in a movie?? Well it is NOT! Nope THIS IS OUR LIVES!

This prize package would be awesome! Go ahead, check the details, it happened, we are living it! I am currently getting lidocain injections, my wife is getting herself back in top physical condition, my bro-in-law is on a waiting list for assisted living and my dad is looking forward to the day we can afford to move in together in a home with an in-law suite just for them!

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