LovelyChrys inspired me to make a fanfiction from the movie but I'll be doing an alternate take. The criteria she set on her fanon blog will be the same here but I'll be looking for a few other parts. Here's an example using a character I made based on myself:

Name: Tyrone (nickname Tyrane [given ferocity{Ty for short}])

Age: 24

Occupation: @ Institution, 2nd lead orderly; @ brothel, Blue's successor; in dream, strictly melee combatant

Weapons: dual ninjatos & dual dual-edged bowie knives (single blade but sharp on both sides resembling short-swords); the latter blades have brass knuckles forged into them.

Back story: Tyrone's father died in Vegas and his mother abandoned him when he was just born. Until he got to the brothel, he never opened up and was in/out of foster homes (in one no more than 3 months) and never let anyone give him any grief.

Personality: While trying to keep his temper in check, something always happens to make that control go out the door. When picked for Blue's apprentice, Tyrone observed everything he did and realized that he was abusive to the ladies so he waited for the right time to strike and take over for the hope of giving the girls a better life. Always brave to a fault, he would give his life for the ladies at the brothel. All he wanted in life was a place of acceptance and a girl to soothe his heart of the rage he felt in his years of life. When engaging in combat (fantasy or otherwise), he's been known to have the ferocity of a Tyrannosaurus, hence his combat-based nickname. The only thing he fears is becoming too feral to the point where he blacks out and unintentionally takes innocent lives. However, he's not always the ticking time-bomb he's been rumored to be; he's been observed to show not only cruelty on attacking men but also compassion for the ladies (especially when attacked). He even has a system when dealing with Blue's thugs: strike 1: scare the pants off of them; strike 2: non-vital bones broken; strike 3: death.

Physical Description: His clothing resembles a neck-to-toe jumpsuit with metallic coverings on his torso, forearms and shins. The "socks" woven into it is thin enough to accomodate for his army boots. He has scar over left eye (almost losing it) and has a crystal necklace around neck at all times. His eyes are blue with ethnicity providing a combined appearance of Native American and Italian heritage.  Later, he gains a new look with weapons to take on his final mission.


Amber: When he first saw Amber, he knew right away she was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his days with her. Upon being named his successor, Blue allowed him a night with any one of the girls (minus Babydoll) and he chose his beloved Amber. After 1.5hrs, she couldn't go any further but he was still going strong and both climaxed together after 3.75 hrs of intimacy.

Babydoll: When Babydoll first arrives at the institution/brothel, he suddenly remembered what it was like to be in her situation. She warmed up to him and saw him as a big brother who was always willing to giver a shoulder to cry on when needed. When Alex (his childhood friend who's taking care of Babydoll's sister) called him about Babydoll's sister, he handed his cell to her and to her delight, she was okay but needed physical rehab so she can walk again. When their talk was done, she hugged him and said "Thank you big brother"; he responded with "You're welcome little sister."

Blondie: Like Babydoll, Blondie sees him as a big brother. One night after lights out, Tyrone found her asleep in Vera's office; all he did was smile at her, lifted her up took her to bed by way of the "princess carry" position. On their way, Blondie sleepily opened her eyes and looked up to see who was carrying him. When he saw, he smiled at her again and gave her a kiss on her forehead. After which, she hugs him and says "I love you big brother"; to it he replies "I love you too little sister" as she falls back to sleep.

Rocket/Sweet Pea: Upon their first meeting with Tyronne being merely an intern at the institute (new hire at the brothel), a minor scuffle occured: Sweet Pea started out by calling him Blue's new lapdog which continued with him calling her the resident bitch. Sweet Pea tried to him for his remark but he blocked/restrained her with a tight-enough grip that almost sprained her wrists. He didn't hold her for long, just for enough time for him to say "Please don't try anything like that again dear" before he let her go. No others occured since but Rocket & Sweet Pea had been weary of him since. He HAS made many attempts to apologize to them for nearly causing Sweet Pea to be hospitalized with 2 sprained wrists but it's unknown if it was ever acknowledged.

Vera: The same way Vera's been like a mother to the girls, Tyronne thought of her the same way. When he went postal on a good portion of the male population, Vera was there first to calm him down. She even saw the risk he took when her "daughters" were in danger, especially with the cook (who was at least twice his body mass). Every now-and-again while the brothel's closed for Sunday, she invited him to "calmness" time in the ladies' main chamber, which he uses for his meditation period. At one point (in regard to his greatest/only fear) he actually embraced (hugged) her and said "I love you mom"

Blue: While an intern/new hire, Blue tried to give him grief and try to break him for what happened between him & Sweet Pea, but to no avail. Mutual yelling occured on both sides before Blue tried to give him a left-hook; but Tyronne grabbed his arm and shirt before throwing down a hallway. Upon which, he crashed into the door leading into the infirmiry. When his gang surrounded him, Tyroone would've gotten feral on them if Blue didn't call them off and commend him for his guts.Upon which, he became his successor for the inevitable when Blue would leave for whatever reason. Blue doesn't realize that Tyronne intends to take him down and assume his position by any means necessary. He gets help from someone who eavesdropps on his conversation with Babydoll's stepfather to have her lobotomized and swore to himself and Alex that he would do everything in his power to make sure it's not carried out by any means necessary.

The Wise Man: When Tyronne first met the wise man, he was "transported" to a jungle-like setting to train for his feral-caging point. It was also because of him that Tyronne was made aware of Babydoll's arrival and made arrangements to where they would be able to escape if Tyronne's plan went up in smoke. It is because of the wise man helping him keep his ferocity in check that Tyronne considers him to be his mentor.

Fantasy Capabilities

Angry: When at his highest rage point, he's been known to almost mutate into a humanoid-shaped tyrannosaurus, which the wise man acknowledged and began to adress him as Tyrane. Everyone familiar with it knows when it comes out when his "evil eyes" are seen followed by a chuckle and finally with him saying "Tyrane, terrorize" (beast wars transformers reference). In order to "subdue" him, those he holds dear must approach slowly so he can match their scent. Upon which, he gradually reverts back to his more calm state as long as nothing happens to cause his feral side to come back immediately afterwards. If that doesn't happen, he'd look straight up and roar (which almost causes an earthquake to occur) before the painful change back into his true state.

Calm: When his feral-side is subdued, he has the ability to manipulate the element of water. It can often be shown when he unofficially puts on a water-fountain-like show to relaxation music Vera plays for her "daughters" to sleep to. When that first happened, the ladies and Tyronne himself were drenched in what might've been sweat or tears but really wasn't. Nobody was really able to explain what had happened.

Make sure you're logged in as you submit a character so if you wish to modify, you can rather easily. If you also wish, you may also feel free to incorporate a relationship between Tyrone and your character. Alternate endings might be made including an A+ ending and an F- ending depending how things go.

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