The Courier tries to flee the World War I battleground via Zeppelin.

Movie StoryEdit

In the World War I fantasy, Babydoll, Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie and Amber try to recover a map from behind German lines. A Courier tries to escape with the map by climbing aboard a zeppelin, but Babydoll shoots down the skyship with a .303 British Lewis Gun, and the Courier crashes back into the trenches and finds himself (and the map) at Babydoll's mercy.

In the brothel reality, while everyone else is watching Babydoll dance in the rehearsal hall, Sweet Pea sneaks into Blue Jones' office to steal a copy of his map of Lennox House as part of Babydoll's escape plan.

Photo GalleryEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Final Zeppelin Crash00:16

Final Zeppelin Crash

How the CGI crash was done

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